‘Panchayat’ star Jitendra Kumar’s ‘Jaadugar’ to release on July 15

'Panchayat' actor Jitendra Kumar's upcoming sports drama 'Jaadugar' is all set to release on July 15 on Netflix.


Mumbai, June 7 (IANS) ‘Panchayat’ actor Jitendra Kumar’s upcoming sports drama ‘Jaadugar’ is all set to release on July 15 on Netflix.

Set in a football-loving town Neemuch, ‘Jaadugar’ is a story of a small-time magician, Meenu, with no athletic skill who must prove his worth in a prestigious inter-colony football tournament, in order to marry the love of his life. There are just two things against him – the girl doesn’t love him back and his team hasn’t won a game in years.

The film is directed by Sameer Saxena, produced by Posham Pa Pictures, and stars Jitendra Kumar, Javed Jaafery and Arushi Sharma in lead roles.

Elaborating on the film, director Sameer Saxena said, “‘Jaadugar’ is our attempt is to present a completely fresh take on sports and romance. With magic as another key element in the film, we have tried to tell a story that’s high on entertainment and caters to an extremely wide audience.”

Producers Amit Golani and Saurabh Khanna added, “‘Posham Pa Pictures is extremely excited about its debut film ‘Jaadugar’, a lighthearted tale set in a small town. The story is up the alley of Sameer Saxena, Biswapati Sarkar (writer) and Jitendra Kumar (actor). The trio, with lots of successful works to its credit, has come together for the first time for a film. Association with a global platform like Netflix has enhanced the canvas of the film.”

Writer Biswapati Sarkar shared “‘Jaadugar’ is a unique concoction of love, magic, and football. It is a wholesome entertainer, meant to be seen with your loved ones. Unlike sports films that revere elite athletes, ‘Jaadugar’ celebrates everyday individuals who play sports, not for pride or fame, but only for the love of the game.”

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