Varalakshmi plays ’embodiment of courage’ Premakumari in ‘Iravin Nizhal’

Actress Varalakshmi plays a character named Premakumari in director Parthiban's upcoming film 'Iravin Nizhal', its makers announced on Monday.


Chennai, July 4 (IANS) Actress Varalakshmi plays a character named Premakumari in director Parthiban’s upcoming film ‘Iravin Nizhal’, its makers announced on Monday.

The unit tweeted a picture of Varalakshmi from the film’s Twitter handle and said, “Get ready to meet Varalakshmi Sarathkumar as Premakumari, also known as Rajamatha, who stands out as the embodiment of courage and boldness in ‘Iravin Nizhal’, the world’s first non-linear single shot film releasing on July 15.”

Earlier, the unit had disclosed that actress Brigida would be playing a character called Chilakkama in the film, which has caught the attention of movie buffs for having been made without an editor.

The unit is gearing up for the film’s release on July 15.

Parthiban, in an interview with IANS, had said that they would be first screening the making video of the film, which will be for almost half-an-hour, to all audiences who come to watch the film.

“After the making video is screened, there will be a short five to 10-minute break. After that, the actual screening will start and there will be no interval during the screening,” Parthiban had said.

‘Iravin Nizhal’ (which means ‘Shadow of the Night’) has music by Oscar winner A.R. Rahman and cinematography by Arthur A Wilson.

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