Kiara Advani reveals how she met Sidharth Malhotra for the first time

The eighth episode of 'Koffee With Karan' got out on Thursday at midnight and it was quite a spicy one!


Mumbai (Maharashtra) [India], August 25 (ANI): The eighth episode of ‘Koffee With Karan’ got out on Thursday at midnight and it was quite a spicy one!

Many beans were spilt on Kiara Advani’s relationship status with Sidharth Malhotra, ultimately leading to her subtly confirming that she is indeed dating him!

While Kiara admitted that Sidharth was “more than just a close friend” to her, Karan and Shahid couldn’t stop asking her to tell them when the duo is planning to get married. Amongst many bits and pieces of their fun banter was one special revelation that Kiara made on the show – how she met Siddharth!

Kiara revealed that it was not on the sets of their film ‘Shershah’ that they met for the first time. She informed me that they had met much before they started doing the film together, after the wrap-up party of her Netflix project ‘Lust Stories’. And there’s more to it – Karan Johar was also there!

Kiara said, “Sid and I know each other from before we were cast in Shershaah.” Karan then intervened and said, “Yes, much before”, to which Kiara replied and said, “Yes at the wrap party of Lust Stories which we crashed.”

Karan then narrated their first meeting and said, “We crashed a friend’s house and the cast of Lust Stories as we had and Sid also came to the party and that’s where you (Kiara) and Sid met for the first time.”

Shahid then said that it’s a good thing to remember your first meeting and Kiara smiled and replied, “Of course, I will never forget.”

When asked about her marriage plans with her ‘Shershah’ co-star, she replied, “I do see that in my life. But I’m not revealing that on Koffee with Karan today.”

In response to this Shahid cracked a joke and stated, “Sounds like she is ready. 15 minutes back she was not accepting the relationship. And now she is almost confessing to the fact that she is ready.”

Apparently, Kiara and Sidharth have been in a relationship for a very long time, and the duo frequently gets spotted by the paps during their outings. (ANI)

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