We have just opened a brand new Indian news aggregator website, do have a look!

We have just opened a very humble Indian news aggregator website Indianmedia.com.

Hello Bollywood fans and well wishers! We have just opened a very humble Indian news aggregator website https://www.indianmedia.com.

For too long, Indian media has been dominated by the Indian left, and cash rich Reliance companies’ owners Mukesh Ambani, and Anil Ambani.

Mr. Mukesh Ambani in particular, has been known to “invest secretly” in many Indian media companies, and apparently, it is rumored he, and a number of foreigners desire a Reliance media monopoly in India.

These vicious attempts at a Reliance media monopoly is not acceptable to us, and many powerful Indians, and very powerful foreign well wishers abroad.

This domination of Indian media by the above entities is also replicated in a few popular Western news aggregators, who are “partners” of the Ambani brothers.

Inspite of us being an extremely honest, very hard working Indian family run website, we have faced numerous malicious “attacks” on us by both Anil Ambani, & Mukesh Ambani, most of which we cannot reveal for now. Apparently their target is to own Bollywood as well.

We have tried many times to contact both Ambani brothers requesting a meeting, or a phone call, but they have not responded.

We have been told by credible sources, that our website’s traffic is being blocked, and manipulated. And, we miss our dear father, who died an innocent man a few years ago.

So, Indianmedia.com is unabashedly pro India, and pro BJP, or Mr. Narendra Modi. Our vision is to support those news makers, and entities who are pro India, and not corrupt, treacherous, malicious, power hungry, or short sighted in their attitude towards fellow Indians.

You will find only positive, incisive news articles from India, and sometimes amusing, and satire based news articles from across Indian media websites.

We aim to create a website that unites India, not divides our great nation.

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