Zarine Khan Smart cook-ie!


By Hindustan Times
Mumbai, July 30 -- Of course, my day doesn't end without maid Munni and washerman Safedi Lal. All morning, they've been fighting over who'll make me a meal, and make his or her way straight to my heart.
Eeesh! When I ask who has been teaching them all this, they blurt out 'Zarine Khan' in chorus. I should've guessed something like this was coming my way.
So, Ms Khan has been cooking on the sets of Housefull 2 and trying her best to become buddies with the cast, including Akshay Kumar, John Abraham and lots of slim and trim heroines. Methinks, she couldn't lose enough weight, so maybe the idea is not to win their hearts but to ensure that all the ladies on the sets are fit, err...fat! What a masterplan, straight out of a saas-bahu show! But then, such is life dearies!