Would love to play with Saina: Deepika Padukone


By Hindustan Times

In an interview on June 30, badminton ace Saina Nehwal had told HT Café, “Deepika is now a famous actor. So, she is busy and may not find time to keep tabs on badminton tournaments. She may not even remember me.” Clearly hurt by Saina’s comment, Deepika says, “I read that interview. She assumes I don’t remember her. That’s not possible because what she has achieved, not just for India, but for international women’s badminton, is extremely commendable. As a woman, as an achiever and, given the fact that we have played together in the past, I’m extremely proud of what Saina has achieved.”

How do you know Saina? And would you want to catch up with her now?
We never trained together. I would only meet her during tournaments. I quit badminton when I was 16 years old. Then I started modelling. With her busy schedule, I don’t know if Saina would have the time to meet, but I would love to catch up on the sport and even play with her.

You’ve now done four films with Saif Ali Khan, and your chemistry with him is palpable. Saif is very spontaneous. With him, no two takes will ever be the same. What you do between the lines is as important as mouthing dialogues.
People feel our chemistry has a very casual feel to it. That’s because both Love Aaj Kal (2009) and Cocktail have been written like that. Fortunately, Saif and I have chemistry. It’s important when you act in love stories. Otherwise, no matter how beautiful the story is, the film will not work.

Is there a friendship that’s developed over the years?
I feel very comfortable with Saif on-screen. When you work and spend so much time with someone, after a point, it’s not only about how a scene is enacted, you also start understanding their energies. Like sometimes when he comes on the set in the morning, I can tell from a distance whether he’s slept well and if he’s in a good mood or not.