Why Paris will fume!


By Hindustan Times
NEW DELHI, Oct. 6 -- Everything was perfect during American hotel heiress Paris Hilton's India visit last month, except one thing. Hilton, known to be very choosy about her dresses for public appearances, wore a pink Gauri and Nainika outfit for a Mumbai event one that had already been worn by actor Anushka Sharma in a different colour in a cellphone advertisement that was already on air.
Hilton, 30, known as the ultimate fashionista, has said in previous interviews that she never repeats an outfit. And, fashion blogs can't stop pointing out.
The designers behind the dress say she must not have been aware that the outfit was part of a big shoot with a popular Indian star, as they weren't aware of it themselves. "I was not aware of Anushka Sharma's ad. Her stylist must have picked it up from the store. With Paris too, designer Rocky S, who styled her, must have bought the piece from the studio. We only got to know when we saw the pictures," says Gauri Karan of the Gauri-Nainika.
"The ad was shot in July. We kept the look confidential till the brand decided to reveal it. So Rocky S must have been unaware," says Nisha Kundnani, Anushka's stylist. Hilton and Rocky were unavailable for comment.