Where did Kareena Kapoor's fat go in Heroine poster?


By Hindustan Times

Not long ago, filmmaker Madhur Bhandarkar enthusiastically tweeted Kareena Kapoor’s look from Heroine, complete with her curves and a roll of fat sticking out from the seams of her blouse. Of course, he forgot that when his guys would release the film’s poster with the same look, they’d digitally do away with every bit of visible flab, giving her an unnaturally perfect waist. And alas, the act is now facing flak even as the poster tops popularity charts.

Ditto with the new Raaz 3 poster that has ghosts feeling up a flawless, flat-stomached Bipasha Basu.

“It is not real,” says a post under the Raaz 3 poster. “She looks fantastic yet fake,” reads another post. Reaction to Kareena’s technically perfected pose are no different. “Small flaws make a person attractive ... why are they distorting reality? It’s impossible for her waist to be that narrow without any fold at that angle,” reads a comment.

While Heroine maker Madhur Bhandarkar chooses not to comment, Raaz 3 director Vikram Bhatt says, “This is utter rubbish. Bipasha is very hard working and has one of the fittest bodies; not iota of Photoshop has been used in the poster.” Publicity designer Rahul Nanda has an explanation for the practice: “Film art is a different ball game, you can’t compare it with real pictures.”

Spot the difference
The picture on the right is the one Bhandarkar tweeted while the film’s song Halkat Jawaani was being shot. In the film’s poster on the left, the roll of fat and the tiny tummy bulge are missing. Also, don’t miss the enhanced curve on the cup of the blouse.