When Vidya got drunk..!


By Hindustan Times

Mumbai, May 24 -- Even though she is known for her serious roles, Vidya Balan takes the liberty to have some fun at times. While shooting for Sujoy Ghosh's Kahaani, Vidya had to do a photo shoot for the film. And as Sujoy waited for her on the sets, he was in for a shock to see a 'drunk' Vidya show up on the set.

Sujoy, who wanted to wrap up the shoot that day, was surprised when Vidya wouldn't shoot properly. She was slurring and acting like she'd drop any minute. As the actor continued her real-life act for half an hour, Sujoy sat quietly in a corner, as the photo shoot went on, with a worried look.

Finally, Vidya burst out laughing and put an end to the prank. "She pulled of the 'I-am-so-drunk' act so naturally that I believed it. Although I know it's not like Vidya to show up in a drunken state, but full marks to the actress for playing the role," says the director. In Sujoy's Kahaani, Vidya plays a married woman whose husband leaves London and comes to India for a job. After he goes missing, Vidya - who is pregnant - goes to Kolkata to search for him.

The actor shot the film in the City of Joy for most parts of the year.