When Vidya Balan spooked assistant


By Hindustan Times
Going by her onscreen roles, Vidya Balan doesn’t come across as someone who’d frighten people. But costume designer Niharika Khan’s assistant will disagree.
The story goes like this:
During a photo shot for a magazine at Mehboob Studio, Vidya decided to have some fun and designed a prank in connivance with her team members. The moment her unsuspecting target — the assistant — brought her clothes to the vanity van, Vidya started shouting maniacally. Surprised at the actor’s sudden outburst, the frightened crewmember didn’t know how to react. “The assistant got really scared. She immediately left the van and told Niharika about it. Later, Vidya asked the assistant to meet her again. This time around, she — like her character in Bhool Bhulaiyaa — started consoling her and apologising in a very eerie manner. The assistant was on the verge of crying when Vidya told her that she was just playing a prank on her,” says the insider from Vidya’s team. “Later, Vidya and her team just couldn’t stop laughing about the whole episode.”
Although Vidya remained unavailable for a comment, her spokesperson confirms the incident. “Vidya has a great sense of humour,” she says. Probably that’s why the actor is busy with back-to-back comedies like Ghanchakkar and Shaadi Ke Side Effects.
And we have heard that producers are lining up in droves to offer her comic ventures. At the moment, the actor is wrapping up the shoot for the Emraan Hashmi-starrer, Ghanchakkar, in Mumbai.