When Rishi got a tattoo shocker!


By Hindustan Times
New Delhi, Feb. 20 -- Actor Rishi Kapoor, who had an eventful last year with interesting roles in Student of the Year and Agneepath, will showcase yet another side of his in David Dhawan's upcoming comedy flick, Chashme Baddoor. Those who have seen the trailer cannot stop raving about Kapoor's hippie look in the flick.
Kapoor, who is seen riding a Harley in the bylanes of Goa and sports innumerable tattoos, apparently had certain reservations regarding one particular tattoo on his hand.
A source close to Rishi informed us, "In the beginning Rishiji was all cool when the various tattoos were made like stars, flowers mermaid and other abstract designs. In fact, he was liking them, but soon he was in for a shock when the artist drew a scantily dressed girl in a bikini on his left hand, which he found very weird and out of place. In the narration he was only told about the Mermaid tattoo, and bikini tattoo was a last minute addition. Rishiji was against getting it done, but later the director intervened and persuaded Rishiji as it goes with the storyline."