When Aamir danced for the Men in Blue!


By Hindustan Times
Actor Aamir Khan was with Team India right through their crucial moments during the match when his eyebrows were furrowed with tension. But it seems the A-lister was even partying with the team at the hotel.
“The entire team was partying which was obvious. Aamir had animated conversations with the support staff of the Indian team, Sachin and Dhoni. Sachin and Sehwag’s wives were also present, " a source told Mumbai Mirror.
The Rang De Basanti star was not only present at the Indo-Pak match at Mohali but even spent time with the team. Apparently the team had wanted him to stay back but he wasn't able to back then.
So, this time the boys made him dance to their tune, on his song Rang De Basanti. Well, we're sure he wouldn't have minded!