'We're taking IPL head on'


By Hindustan Times
Mumbai, March 23 -- CID producer BP Singh's Fireworks Productions is preparing itself to take on the Indian Premier League Season 4 in a weekday 9 to 10 pm slot. Supercop Surya, the crime daily is the story of a blind cop goes on air on Sony Entertainment from April 4. It is supposedly inspired by a bunch of cop and investigative dramas from the West - Castle, The Mentalist and Lie To Me, to name a few.
"Our competition is not with the West, and neither are we inspired by them. We have created our own characters and storylines to combat the IPL, and also CID, one of my own shows, which has been on air for 13 years now," says Singh. "Writing this show has been tough because if it has even one element common with CID, no one will watch it because they'll think this has something to do with ACP Pradyuman and his team."
Harsh Chhaya plays Supercop Surya, who has voluntarily retired from the services after losing his sight. "It's one of the finest characters I've seen in a long time. He steps into investigations only when the team gets stuck.
Then, there's another seemingly corrupt yet colourful cop who disrupts investigations because he was once denied a promotion. He destroys documents and crucial evidence at times. There's also an element of romance between two junior cops. How can we lift these things from an international show?" argues Singh, whose production company is shooting with five different units a day to complete the show in time. So far, three episodes have been canned. The show has a limited 32-episode run; each episode has a different story handled by one of the three investigating teams. With four episodes a week, the show will only have a two-month run on air. Will it be back with season two then?
Singh says, "It's difficult to say that right now. We're taking IPL matches head on. If we manage good ratings, we may come back with only one of the investigating teams or all of them, depending on who is liked more."