WATCH: Chitrangada sizzles in Kaafirana!


By Hindustan Times

Dressed as a Marathi mulgi, Chitrangada Singh makes a scintillating item song debut in Joker's Kaafirana. The actress who broke her off-beat image with Desi Boyz, has gone one step ahead in the song.

The actress definitely makes for a seductive item girl but will have to work harder to meet the standard of Malaika, Kareena and Katrina.

“The song, Kaafirana, has this rustic Marathi feel to it. It has some catchy phrases which I am sure will become a trendsetter. This song will be in the league of Munni and Chikni Chameli," Chitrangada earlier said about the song.

"I love dancing. It was so much fun and hardwork working on Kaafirana. Farah even told me that ‘I am gifting you your Munni’. The choreography is really very sensuous," said Chitrangada in another interview.

Chitrangada feels that comparisons between her song and Kareena Kapoor's Halkat jawani in Heroine are inevitable.

"Well, I think comparisons are inevitable. Whatever you do, you may dance like the other person or not, there are bound to be comparisons about whether you did good enough or you didn't do good enough," said Chitrangada.

"But I think it is great that this is the time for songs like this and I think we have a great number," she added.

Why Fakht you was replaced by Just you
Chitrangada Singh reveals the filmmakers changed the lyrics of the song I want fakht you to I want just you to avoid any unwanted reactions.

She says Fakht you is actually a Marathi word, meaning "only you".

"So everyone doesn't understand it. They can interpret it in some other way also. So, to save that situation, they (filmmakers) decided to go with 'Just you' and it is just as much fun," the 36-year-old said here.

"Some people found it ('I want fakht you') offensive, but that is not the intention of the filmmakers at all. It is a family film and for kids," she added.