Wanna kiss me? Ask my wife: Ayushmann Khurrana


Actor Ayushmann Khurrana, 28, may be getting a lot of female attention, but he still claims to be completely in love with his childhood sweetheart and wife Tahira. In fact, he says that he takes his wife along during promotions, as his ‘protector.’
“At a recent promotion in Hyderabad the women came really close to me. They wanted to hug me, kiss me, and even scratched my arms,” he says, showing the marks on his wrist.
“I now ensure that my wife travels with me as my protector. If anybody wants to kiss me or hug me, I just ask them to take permission from my wife,” he adds. The actor, who debuted with the film Vicky Donor (2012), says that his star status has not sunk in yet.
“My fame seems so unreal. Until recently, I would host a show and coax people to sing, now they do the same to me,” he shares. And though he enjoys this fame, he doesn’t want to let it go to his head. “I have been on the other side, when I have interviewed actors, so I know that fame is very fickle,” he says.
Khurrana, who has a one-year-old son, says he doesn’t feel like a parent. “I hardly feel like a father, as I rarely meet my son. My career takes up all my time now,” he adds.