Vivek to take on Hrithik!


By Hindustan Times

Mumbai, April 29 -- At the mention of the new Krissh movie, Safedi Lal says that he has got some dope on the kinda anti-hero Vivek Oberoi will be playing in it. Tell me about it, I say, and my dhobi reveals that this could be the actor's most challenging role of his career. Matlab?

Meaning, my washerman explains that the Oberoi boy's role in the film has been modeled on Patrick Stewart's Charles Xavier from the X Men series. However, apna desi anti-hero won't be a professor, but his character is confined to the wheelchair for most of the part, making it a very performance-oriented role, I'm informed.

Now now, I do know that his act will be compared to hero Hrithik Roshan's heart-rending performance in Guzaarish. But then again, it would be interesting to see a wheel chair-restricted Vivs take on superhero Krissh. Hai na?