Two books, Eleven Eateries and a show!


By Hindustan Times
Mumbai, Nov. 29 -- Celebrity chef Sanjeev Kapoor has a lot of action planned for the next six months. His current culinary reality show, FoodFood Mahachallenge, closes on Friday.
Even before the show closes, he's started shooting for another series, which is a cooking crash course of sorts on the small screen. It will go on air soon with Kapoor dishing out everything from quick and healthy breakfast, lunch, snack and dinner recipes to basic and advanced techniques for amateur cooks.
"I've realised over the years that along with the recipes that most cookery shows will discuss, we also need to speak about cooking techniques a little more in detail. Our focus is always on ingredients and their quantity but ideally, it should be balanced between the ingredients and the techniques to use them in a dish," reasons Sanjeev, adding, "So, we thought, why not help our viewers learn by watching a show, in the most literal sense of the word learn." The chef also plans to have a second season to FoodFood Mahachallenge towards mid-next year.
"The idea is to make it a bigger and better property. There was so much learning for us as producers. For one, we've realised that food has great potential for TV content," says Sanjeev, who is also in the process of launching 11 restaurants across different cities in the country, including metros like Delhi and Mumbai.
In Mumbai, he's aiming for two places in the suburbs and is in the process of finalising the deal. "We are just a little away from signing our contract. Hopefully, we'll have two eateries in the city," he says, adding, "Also my brand Khazana is making its way into India. The first restaurant in the series should open in Delhi in the first quarter of next year. We're doing a new concept there, where we will have only Indian bands playing every night. The location will be Janpath."
That's not all. The chef has also planned two launch two cookbooks that are underway. One features recipes from his restaurant and is called Yello Chili Cookbook. The other features his most loved recipes, prepared by his mother and mother-in-law. "I find the idea of these books fascinating and fresh. No restaurant ever gives out its recipes. But I am, because I want people to learn and share recipes," says Sanjeev. "The other book has been on my mind ever since. Fortunately, both my mother-in-law and my mother are excellent cooks and their recipes had to be presented to the world."