Youtuber Sahil Khattar: Success didn't come easy..

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New Delhi, Nov. 20 -- Actor-host Sahil Khattar shot to instant fame when he appeared in a string of videos for a YouTube channel. 
Today, he's one of India's top YouTube stars, but the success definitely did not come easy. 
"Till class 11, I wanted to handle my dad's business. But I guess life had a different plan for me," he says. 
"I flunked class 11. Uss depression se nikalne ke baad, when I went to college, I tried theatre for the first time, and enjoyed it. Next, I auditioned for radio, and got selected. (His radio show was one of the top shows in Chandigarh). Slowly, this idea of me being a performer started building up," adds the 29-year-old, who then went to Mumbai to pursue his acting dreams. 
"The TV reality show for which I went to Mumbai flopped. I lied my parents that I was living in Bandra in a two- BHK flat, when in reality I was living in a chawl. I used to walk (to commute) to save money. Life became better after I got some assignments and started earning well," says Khattar.