What encouraged Himansh Kohli to become an actor!

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New Delhi, Dec. 27 -- Many know Himansh Kohli as a film actor who played the role of the quintessential college going lover boy in the 2014 sleeper hit Yaariyan. 
Some others are aware of his work in television before that - his character of Raghav Oberoi in the show Humse Hai Liife (2011-2012). But not many people know that before venturing into acting, Himansh was a radio jockey. 
"I worked with a radio station as an RJ in 2011, albeit for a very short time... Radio was something I thought I'd never do, but it happened," says Himansh, who realised soon after that acting was his true calling. 
Words of encouragement also came in from celebrities visiting his radio station. 
"They would tell me that I should act. That encouraged me to pursue it." Luckily for Himansh, as it was his TV role that landed him his debut film. 
"I was picked up for Yaariyan by [director] Divya Khosla Kumar, who had been following my show Humse Hai Liife. Everything sailed smooth after that. My main journey started after that film," says the actor, who has since been offered projects in the TV and web space, but his priority is films. He, however, admits that web series now enjoy a huge fanbase. 
"People might not go to the cinema halls, but they will still watch something on YouTube," he says.