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What are the Bigg Boss inmates up to now?

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New Delhi, Feb. 23 -- From film and television offers to penning a book, here's a lowdown on what's keeping the Bigg Boss 10 contestants busy, now that the show is over and they are back to their normal lives:


The boy from Uttar Pradesh, who won the reality show is flooded with offers from television and films. "I am being offered a lot of shows but havn't signed anything as of now," he said. After emerging as the winner of the show, the news about him getting married created a lot of buzz among his female fans.


Everyone knows me now. I went to Manali a few days back and I was surprised to see that people knew me there. A lot of offers have come my way from television but I can't sign them as we are already under contract from the host channel of the show. But in all this recognition, I really miss my mother.


The best thing that has happened to me after the show is that people now know that I can talk in Hindi as well. So, more offers are coming my way now, and people are able to connect with me at a personal level. I am not just confined to English-based shows. I got a lot of love after the show for being the way I am. The show has opened up more doors for me in terms of opportunities.


A lot of girls come up to me and tell me that I am an inspiration for them. I have been offered two television shows, three music albums and two movies. I am in talks with them and trying to understand which option will give me more mileage.


Post the show's finale and the after party, I surprised my family in Amritsar and we planned a quick getaway. Also, I could finally manage a proper vacation in years, as I've always been away for most of the time. As far as projects are concerned, many doors have opened. I had turned down a film offer and chose Bigg Boss. Opportunities are many but I'm taking it slow.


Life has changed a lot. Earlier, only my friends and family knew me. Now a lot of people know me by my first name.


I am busy with two Bhojpuri films - one I had signed before entering the Bigg Boss house and the other one I signed later. I've also been travelling for events and pampering myself. Let's not forget my married life, which began inside the house and I'm paying attention to it.


The Bigg Boss app had put up a lot of my clippings from the show, which people did not see on their screens. This has brought me a new kind of fan base. Unique kind of shows are coming my way. People already knew me before the show, but post the show, people recognise me a lot more.


I have shifted to Mumbai and doing a Punjabi film. Life has changed a lot and people, especially women have come to me and said that my marital struggle is an inspiration. I am also writing a book on bisexuality. My book talks about the struggles of LGBT community.


I am doing a lot of events and special appearances. I am also performing a live gig in Delhi. Once I'm done with these commitments, I will shift to Mumbai. On the career front, whatever works out in the future is secondary; the primary thing is love and support I have got from the audience.


I am back to chilling and talks are on for new shows. Nothing is concrete as of yet. Right now, I am taking care of my wife Nisha and enjoying this phase, as I will become a father soon. It is tough to say if my popularity has increased or not because people were following me even before Bigg Boss and my work has made me the way I am.


Swamiji stirred countless controversies after he was ousted from the show. He was detained in Lonavla before the finale episode, as he was assumed to have gone there to disrupt the show. A case was also registered in Delhi against him for attempting to rape a woman.


The housewife from Noida has bagged a Bollywood film post her controversial stint in the reality show. It will be directed by Radhe Mohan and produced by Inder Kumar.


I am going to London to shoot for a film with Anil Kapoor and Arjun Kapoor. The host of the show, Salman Khan played an instrumental role in me getting the film. Also, people now know me a lot more.