Vivian Dsena: Luck plays an important part in one's career

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Mumbai, Dec. 1 -- While the digital world seems to be on the rise with its web series and short films, Vivian Dsena doesn't think it will replace television as "everyone in India will take time to accept this medium". 
He says, "I think, the digital medium has caught up quickly and its USP is the accessibility. Many actors are working on digital projects, but it's being oversold and that's why it might not hold artistic value. Either the digital medium will develop into an industry or it might crumble due to overexposure. I don't think online streaming websites will affect television because the content on both platforms is different."
The actor, who is currently seen in a hit TV show, is yet to do something on the digital platform. "I have been offered a few projects but have not found anything worth my time. Let's see if something interesting comes up," he says.
Vivian's chocolate boy looks have often impressed his fans. And the actor admits he doesn't pay much attention to it. "Looks are something I give the least attention to. I am grateful to God for getting me here. I am happy in my own space," he says.
Vivian says he does not feel an actor needs any sort of training to act well. "You learn on the job. I don't believe in an acting course because acting is something that you cannot learn. For me, you act by feelings and emotions, which make it real. That's why I never use glycerine for scenes where I have to cry," he says, adding, "Luck plays an important part in a career. You can be lucky but you need to act upon chances offered to you," he says. The actor, who rose to fame with his TV show Madhubala, confesses that it changed his career. "Madhubala gave me everything that I expected, and changed my career graph and name completely," says Vivian.