Valentine's Day: Ishita says hubby Vatsal Sheth is under pressure to make it special

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Actors Ishita Dutta and Vatsal Sheth are among the cutest couples in showbiz. They got married on November 28, last year, and though they tried to keep the news under wraps, it sent people into a tizzy.
“We met on the sets of our show, Baazigar (2016). We didn’t date in the conventional manner. It was casual and we would go out for movies with friends and talk about normal things. Gradually, we realised that we like each other more than just friends. He popped the question after six months; but we hadn’t discussed marriage before that,” says Ishita.
Asked what plans the two have for their first Valentine’s Day, after marriage, Ishita quips, “Vatsal is under a lot of pressure. I keep telling him that everyone’s asking me about what plans he has made for me. He’s busy, and he’ll be working on V-Day, too. Maybe we will go for a nice dinner at the end of the day.” However, Vatsal says, “I’d made a lot of plans, but she has hurt herself. She was doing some action sequence for her film, and the glass broke on her hands. So we can’t go out.”
Praising Vatsal, Ishita says that the actor is always up to make her happy. “He gifts me stuff that I had probably mentioned casually during a conversation. I might forget about it, but he remembers. For example, I love Monopoly (the game) and I mentioned it once to him. The very next day, he got it for me. We always play the game before going to sleep.”
Appreciating Ishita, Vatsal says, “Ishita also does small things to bring happiness. That’s one thing that you should keep in mind — don’t take your relationships for granted.” Vatsal, who doesn’t believe in celebrating just a single day of love, adds, “Spend every day as Valentine’s Day. If she likes Monopoly, why should I wait for the V-Day to get it for her?”
When asked what’s the best gift that Vatsal has received from his wife, Ishita gleefully says, “I tell him, ‘I got married to you, what more do you want?’” To this, Vatsal laughs and agrees, “The biggest gift she’s given to me is saying ‘yes’.”