TV Stars: A year of possibilities!

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Mumbai, Dec. 27 -- With the New Year round the corner, resolutions and decisions are in order for all of us, and celebrities are no exception to that. So, HT Cafe spoke with a few stars of the small screen to find out what they expect from 2018 and what they're looking forward to. 
I want to learn Arabic and Marathi next year. Arabic so that I can understand the Quran better, and Marathi because I live in Mumbai and I should know the local language. 
I am looking forward to get back into shape, as I lost a lot of weight while I was in the Salman Khan hosted reality show. I have become lean and I am loving the look, and now it will be easier to get the desired physique. 
I love surprises and I hope 2018 surprises me. I don't like to plan much, because I get disappointed if things don't work out. In 2017, I did skydiving, which was on my bucket list, but I didn't know that I would get a chance to do so this year. I was taken by surprise. And as I am bit of a traveller and an adventurous person, the other to-do things on my list are a vacation in Himachal Pradesh, gallivanting in Europe, skydiving in Nepal over the Himalayas, and a hot air balloon ride; the list is long (laughs). I am looking forward to 2018 with a lot of positivity. 
2017 was a tough year, as my mother wasn't well and I was by her side most of the year. Later, the projects I shot for were postponed to the next year. I shot for two web series: a comedy and a subtle romance. I will start shooting for a film soon and also announce another film that I signed recently. There is a lot to look forward to in 2018 and I can't wait for it. Personally, this year promises to bring what 
I love dancing, so I would love to learn the ballet. It is something that I was tempted to learn, but kept procrastinating, as it is a difficult dance form. In 2018, I want to get over my inhibitions or things that scare me. I want to buy a house, as I want to be independent and want to start living alone. I'm sure it will be a beautiful experience.set previous years have not, and when my plans come to fruition, they will be announced.