TV stars talk about their memorable Holi experiences!

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Mumbai, March 1 -- The festival of Holi is more than just about playing with colours. It involves authentic traditional food, drinks, and spending lots of quality time with friends and family. Some of the popular celebs from the television world talk about their memorable Holi experiences. 
My memories of Holi are about spending time with my grandparents in Kolkata, West Bengal. They used to pamper me with food and lots of sweets. This photo was clicked when Aly Goni and I celebrated our first Holi together. We played so much that it took days for the colour to fade from our skin. Aly is like my brother and is very close to me. This year, I will be shooting so I will celebrate Holi on the sets, followed by a feast at home. 
My earliest memory of Holi is with the rowdy boys in our small town Mandsaur (Madhya Pradesh). We would throw anyone and everyone who got out of their houses into dirty and muddy water. We would be armed with many water balloons and used to throw them on passers-by and on people's houses windows as well! This year, I will be celebrating Holi at home with my family and friends. It will be fun as always. 
Holi is my favourite festival. I remember playing Holi in my hometown Bhopal (Madhya Pradesh). We would put on old clothes and apply oil on our body and hair as if we were going to war! Later, we would go for a long drive with cousins. I miss those days. Now, we play an ecofriendly Holi but not with the similar vigour. 
My best Holi memory is from when I was studying in the UK. There were many friends from different cultures, who would get together to celebrate the festival! Many of them celebrated Holi for the first time and were quite excited about it. We had lots of colour, bhaang, and thandaai. This year, my sister will be in town, so we will be in the city and attend a few holi parties. 
This photo with Adaa Khan was clicked last year on Holi at one of those bashes. I remember going to three parties last year. This year, I haven't made any plans yet. I might attend a holi party with some friends. Holi means having fun with friends and of course eating gujia and drinking thandai while playing with colours and dancing away.
My best memories of Holi are from my childhood in Delhi. I would get together with my colony friends and family members and celebrate Holi with lots of colours, sweets, namkeen and thandai! Soaked in colour, we would gorge on the yummy delicacies which would leave us feeling full. 
As a kid, I was always excited about Holi as I had a huge gang of friends. We would start making water balloons nearly a week before Holi and throw them at passers-by. Once, we even made a pool of mud and threw people in it . I will be celebrating this Holi at my friend's place, who throws a party every year on Holi and my wife Mahi [Vij] and I always go to his party. The picture is from the same party I attended last year and it was a great celebration. 
Ever since childhood, Holi as been one of my avourite festivals. I ould play with friends nd we even used eggs ometimes which got gly. This picture was taken at my college friend's house. We could play with colours or half a day, dance and then go for a picnic somewhere. I could apply oil in my hair so that the colour doesn't mess it up! this year, I plan to go to Vadodara, Gujarat, and relive the moments.