TV actors's take on Gandhigiri!

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The Father of the Nation, Mahatma Gandhi, worked towards the betterment of our country and played a vital role in it attaining freedom. On his birthday, stars from the small screen tell us what they would have liked to ask him if he were around today.

Iqbal Khan
Looking at the current situation of our country, Gandhiji must be rolling in his grave right now. I wouldn’t dare to ask him any questions since this is not the country that he dreamed of.

Karan V Grover
I would ask him if he could even have imagined that 60 years after Partition and his death, India and Pakistan would still be at loggerheads. I would also like to ask him who he’d like to see as the new Prime Minister after the upcoming elections — Narendra Modi, Rahul Gandhi or Manmohan Singh — and why.

Rohit Roy
I would most certainly ask him what he thinks of Narendra Modi as a leader, given that Modi’s methods are different from Bapu’s, but still effective. I would also ask him if he thought that his peaceful, non-confrontational way of seeking the right path would work as effectively as they did in his time, if he were reborn in this century.