Television starts speak up on euthanasia!

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Mumbai, March 13 -- Recently the Supreme Court gave a landmark verdict to legalise passive euthanasia in India after hearing a plea by NGO Common Cause to declare 'right to die with dignity' as a fundamental right. 


We speak to television celebrities on their views regarding the decision that allows terminally ill patients or those in incurable comas to withdraw medical treatment.




 Imagine being trapped in a box for a long time and you can't move, eat, speak or express yourself. That's how it is living in a vegetative state. When your major voluntary or involuntary muscles completely cease to listen to you, and drive you to a state of utter dependence, it's like a living hell or imprisonment within one's own body. I applaud this ruling. There are chances that active euthanasia can be misused but passive euthanasia is a humanitarian move. Lives of vegetative or terminally ill patients won't hang in limbo anymore 




India is a progressive nation. It is a good move by the Supreme Court. Passive euthanasia becoming legal is a positive sign. At least that puts an end to the suffering of the patient and the families involved. I totally support the move. It should have been made legal long ago but better late than neve 




It's a very good decision, on the basis of humanity when you see your dear ones under intense pain and there is no other medicine or prayer working for them, people should have the right to end their life. But I also hope people don't misuse this right in the name of judiciary. 




Suffering due to an illness is a mental and physical torture for everyone concerned. This is a good decision by the honourable court. 




This is a good decision. It means the country is moving forward. Just that we need to be practical in this area as at the end of the day, it's letting the patient free from suffering. It's an emotional and tough decision to make but in many cases perhaps the right one. 




According to me, euthanasia should be allowed only if the patient is over the age of 50-60. The government needs to look at all aspects before passing such a significant law. We need not follow other countries in the exact same pattern.