Sumit Kaul makes dad proud!

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New Delhi, May 9 -- Actor Sumit Kaul, who currently features in an ongoing mythological show, was touched when his father complimented him on his work.

"My father has been somewhat undecided about my career as an actor. It's not that he has ever opposed it, but earlier, he wasn't sure. After seeing me on this show, he was thrilled and complimented me," says Sumit.

"It was an extremely proud moment for him, and I was happy to make him proud," he adds.

Sumit says that his father was waiting to see him in such a role.

"He always wanted to see me play a larger than life character, and my character on this show did justice to his expectations. His expression when he saw me on TV, and his words of encouragement is something that I will always remember," adds Sumit.