Sonu Sood to judge a new TV show..

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Mumbai, Nov. 7 -- Sonu Sood is all set to judge a new comedy reality show. Apparently, the actor was recently approached by a popular television channel for the show, and it seems the actor has agreed to it. 
Speaking about what makes the show unique, Sonu says, "The show is on the lines of hunting for a common man, who has got a great sense of humour. The show will provide contestants with a platform that'll get them worldwide fame. It's about a common man who is all set to become a star."
He further adds, "I wanted to be part of this show because I always believed in the journey of the common man. It's not easy to achieve stardom. As a judge, I will help get the right comic streak out of them. This show is about giving an opportunity and platform to such people from smaller towns, and help them display their talent on screen. Also, TV has become a huge medium now, and everyone wants to explore it."
Ask him about elements that comedy shows lack these days, and Sonu says, "Many comedy shows are good, but I guess what we lack is the novelty factor and contestants with a unique sense of humour. We need to explore new talent and give these artistes that platform."