Sheeba Akashdeep: Web series is the way forward for everyone now

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Actor Sheeba Akashdeep recently announced her plans to venture into the production of web series, in partnership with her husband, producer Akashdeep. 
Explaining what prompted her to invest in the digital space, she says, “Web series is the way forward, as we can do edgy content in that sphere. We can try different things and are not bound by TRPs. This will help us experiment a lot and discover new kind of content.”
Considering Sheeba has just made a comeback on television, does she plan to act in web series, too? “Yes, definitely,” she says enthusiastically. “I’ll be a part of web series as and when there are roles that suit me, my personality.”
Sheeba, who has been part of Bollywood — she was in Suryavanshi (1992) and Ghaath (2000), among other films — as well as television, has an observation about the small screen: “I think television needs some improvement at the back end, probably, with better insurance for the workers, better provisions for people who work on the show — and by that, I am not talking about just the actors but also people who are involved behind the camera.”