Sehban Azim: Fans' love makes me both happy and awkward!

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New Delhi, March 20 -- Love and admiration from fans keep actors going strong, and TV actor Sehban Azim is no different. 


He regularly receives gifts from his fans, and he cherishes each one of them. His fans have recently gifted him his portraits in colour, as pencil sketches, and one that is made out of egg shells (inset). 


"Getting these gifts from my fans makes me happy, emotional, surprised, and at times, a little awkward and thoughtful - yes, all these at the same time. It makes me feel all the more special when these gifts are handmade," says the actor, known for TV shows such as Dill Mill Gayye, Dil Dostii Dance, and Humsafars. 


Talking about the portrait made out of egg shells that he got, Sehban shares, "That brilliant work of art is from an Indonesian fan. It's difficult to figure out how she made such a beautiful piece of art. She has sent me sketches and portraits before, but this stands out." And an understandably touched Sehban says that the support from fans motivates him to work harder. 


"I always thank Allah for this experience. It's something I can't really express or explain, but it's beautiful and overwhelming. Not that they have any kind of expectations from me, it's just unconditional love. And it does inspire in me a sense of responsibility towards society," says Sehban. 


He has an ever-growing list of female fans. How does he handle the adulation? 


"They love me way too much I guess. The compliments range from 'Stay away from other girls; you belong to me' to 'Would you marry me?' and 'I wish I get a chance to look into those eyes'. I don't know how to reply to these, and I get speechless most of the time." He shares that fans also keep waiting for updates on Sehban's upcoming projects. "I get messages from them every day, asking me when the show will go on air or what am I doing next," he signs off.