Saumya Tandon: I look better in real life than on camera..

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New Delhi, Sept. 14 -- Browsing through actor Saumya Tandon's Instagram page, one could not possibly miss a photo of Saumya sans makeup, captioned, "Lot of people ask me if my eye colour is real... yes yes yes I have dark green eyes ..... all real". 
When asked about it, the popular TV actor replies that she felt this is the best way to clarify doubts about her natural eye colour.
"I don't know where such disbelief comes from. At times showbiz is fake and people misuse technology to enhance features and make one look appealing. [It is] not just about my eye colour, many have also asked me whether I am fair in real life," laughs Saumya, before adding, "I don't blame them. Reality, at times, doesn't match up to the reel world."
Saumya feels one should not try to make their features look better, artificially. "I have seen people wearing colourful lenses that don't go with their skin tone." She thinks that wearing the right kind of clothes and taking good care of the body can enhance one's looks. Saumya adds that she does her make-up and styling for her ongoing show, herself.