Satisfying the creative urge as an artist is vital for Ashish Sharma

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New Delhi, Jan. 26 -- Ever since actor Ashish Sharma played the role of Lord Ram in the show Siya Ke Ram, his fan following has escalated. 
Now, as he gears up to play the role of king Prithvi Vallabh for his next show, the actor says the fear of getting typecast will not stop him from taking up projects he likes. 
"I think what satisfies me as an artist is more important than the genre. I do not think about the ill effects of typecast. If I am able to entertain people in any capacity in a certain way, then I must do it rather than trying to look different. That is not a criteria for me when it comes to taking up shows," says Ashish, who has also acted in shows such as Rangrasiya and Chandragupta Maurya. 
However, he is quick to add, "I strongly believe that whatever you are playing should look starkly different from your previous character. And the way you cater to the audience with your acting, should be fresh and something viewers haven't seen before." 
Ashish, who is married to actor Archana Taide, feels that his fans have been a strong support system. 
"My fans have helped me move forward in my career. I jumped genres and roles. They have been there since my first show and some have been in touch with me and have supported me constantly. I am so thankful to them for this consistency.