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Rohit Roy: I've matured as an actor..

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Mumbai, May 6 -- Rohit Roy has spent over two decades in the industry. The actor, who rose to fame with the '90s TV show, Swabhimaan, says he likes taking up different kinds of roles.

Here, he talks about his choices, his five-month-old show that is now set to go off air due to poor ratings, and more.

Are you disheartened about your show ending after only five months?

I do not get disheartened easily. While people appreciated the characters and the story [of the show], I think the time slot wasn't right. Had it aired an hour earlier, at 9.30 pm instead of 10.30 pm, it would have fared better.

Unlike the roles you've done in the past, you played a mature character in this show. Do you regret stepping out of your comfort zone?

No. The role of a simple and non-stylish person was shocking for the audience as they have only seen me play a cool guy. It was a welcome experiment for me.

How difficult is it for an actor to break away from a stereotypical image?

The actor as well as the makers of a show have to be willing to try something different. I think when you're not offered different roles, you get stuck doing the same thing. While my brother, Ronit (Roy; actor), has done a variety of roles - from playing a grandfather to a suave lawyer - others like Shekhar Suman have not been able to break out of their im mage.

Do you feel the audience readily accepts actors when they experiment with roles?

They don't accept actors easily in image-breaking roles. I am offered a show every week, but I chose to wait for something different to come my way. Earlier, I didn't have the courage to say no to monotonous roles. But I am in the second phase of my career now. I don't feel insecure about my work. For the first 10 years, I was pretending to be an actor; I did role es the way they were 'supposed' to be done. Now, I have matured as an actor and as a person.