Rohit Purohit: Acting can't be taught, it should come naturally to you

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New Delhi, Jan. 26 -- Actor Rohit Purohit, who will complete a decade in the showbiz next year, says he tasted success and stardom with his show Razia Sultan. 
His fans still identify him with Malik, the character he played in it. 
"Every show that I have done has been a learning experience. And I can't go without mentioning Razia Sultan, the show that has given me so much recognition," says Rohit. 
However, the actor has had his share of ups and down. "When I started off, I had my share of struggle. For quite a long period, I did not have any work at hand. And the offers I was getting were either not good enough or were not working out," he adds. 
Rohit, who is currently a part of a historical drama, feels acting can't be taught. 
"I have not taken any acting classes because I feel it should come naturally to you. After all, it's a medium to express oneself. You must have in you the skills to convince the audience. It can't be taught. Learning can give you a basic idea but your actual journey starts when you actually face the camera for real."