Porus actor Laksh: Television audience needs to evolve now

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New Delhi, Dec. 12 -- TV actor Laksh's current show, Porus, has been making waves for its grandeur and huge production budget. 
The first episode received rave reviews. The actor feels it's about time, Indian television audience evolves. 
"When we sit in a group, people my age talk about Game of Thrones and Vikings, but when we talk about Indian TV, they mostly mock it," says Laksh, who also featured in the serial Pardes Mein Hai Mera Dil. 
"The time has come when we create something productive which will leave a mark on television." 
Laksh is hopeful that his show will bring the much needed change on the small screen. 
"I believe Porus will change the norm and break the barriers that people have in their head. The show will cater to new definition of Indian television and make the audience believe that their own industry is capable of bringing forth content which can be path breaking," he says.