Pooja Gor: I'm investing in myself!

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Mumbai, Nov. 20 -- Pooja Gor has found a new love. She has developed a liking for marathons and she enjoys running them. 
She got trained and ran for five km recently. "A year ago, I went with my friend to this group, who worked together for marathons but I couldn't run for long as I had never done it in my life. However, with time, patience and the drive to do it, I was able to run for 5km and it felt really good. I am not a fitness freak and I don't want the perfect body but I want to be fit in life. I have never worked out, and therefore, to be able to run for 10km this year after getting some training is no joke. I surprised myself (laughs)," says the Pratigya actor, who is preparing for the next level, which will be a 21km marathon.
After her last TV show, Ek Nayi Ummeed - Roshni in 2015, Pooja has been busy with webisodes and shooting ads. She took a break from daily soaps as it was too demanding on her and was leading to a burnout. 
"I have been shooting webisodes for a year now and they are wonderful. You can watch a relatable story in a five minute video. It's fun, interesting and informative, too. I have been enjoying shooting ads too. After my last TV show, the first few weeks, I wondered what to do with all the free time (laughs). I had withdrawal symptoms. Though I miss being part of a TV show, I don't miss the crazy hours of shooting." 
Pooja is glad to have free time to enjoy and do things that she couldn't do while she was shooting for her TV shows.
The Savdhaan India host says she joined the TV industry at an early age and couldn't learn a lot of things outside the acting world that she wanted to. 
"I was always shooting for something or the other. I wanted to learn how to ride a bike, I wanted to take up running, get fitter, learn a language and soon enough, I want to learn how to play a musical instrument. I read, listen to music and watch documentaries etc. I am investing in myself right now which will give returns in the future. It's unheard of for actors to work on themselves as most actors simply want to keep working when they are on a high in their careers. I understand that but one should make time for things others than acting. I have advised many of my actor friends not to be in a hurry to take on a project unless they love it so much that they would take a project on for lesser money."