Param Singh enjoys playing complicated characters on TV..

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New Delhi, March 20 -- Actor Param Singh is keen on exploring different characters on the small screen. Known for the role of Randhir Singh Shekhawat in Sadda Haq, the actor says that he finds it boring to play the boy next door all the time. Not just this, characters with grey shades also appeal to him.

"I enjoy playing complicated characters on screen. Playing the regular guy who is similar to me in real life, would be so boring. I'm always looking out for roles that I've never done before. My character in Parvarrish was different from Sadda Haq," says Param.

Ask him what kind of on-screen portrayals intrigue him the most, and Param adds, "Anything that is challenging. It can be a negative character or a character of a drug addict, a rapist or may be a positive character. I'm open to every kind of role."

Besides doing TV, Param says that he is eyeing a career in Bollywood too. "I don't want to do films that never get released or don't have a proper reach in terms of audience. I would rather wait for a better offer from a good production house and a known director. Also, I don't want to wait for films to happen to me. I'd continue with my work on TV and not sit idle," says the actor.