A palatial venue for Rubina Dilaik's wedding!

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Mumbai, June 11 -- Rubina Dilaik is all set to tie the knot with beau Abhinav Shukla on June 21 in her home town Shimla, Himachal Pradesh. 

The actor is currently busy coordinating the wedding preparations amid shoots for her television show, and since the couple wants a traditional Indian wedding, she says they will be going the whole nine yards. "We have to balance our personal and private lives right now and we are living up to it," says Rubina, adding that she won't be able to spare time for a honeymoon trip after her wedding. 

With the wedding just ten days away, what's going on in your mind? 

I am feeling neither nervousness nor excitement, as the preparations for the wedding and my ongoing TV show shoot schedules have left me numb (laughs). Coordinating things is very difficult. I have hardly slept for four to five hours a day in the last one-and-a half months. 

What are you looking forward to the most among all the ceremonies? 

Abhinav and I have decided to exchange seven vows after the traditional wedding. I have written mine and I hope he has too. We have kept them secret from each other. Those vows are a new addition to our wedding and I can't wait for that moment. Abhinav and I will surprise each other. We believe in Indian traditions and have always wanted the whole nine yards, including all the rituals and functions. 

How do you feel about all the buzz and curiosity about your wedding? 

I am not focusing on the buzz yet. I understand that as both of us are public figures, anything and everything we do is talked about. But we also try to keep our personal lives as low profile as possible. To keep the wedding a private affair, we will have the functions in a palace in Shimla, away from the media. Our families will also be more comfortable without the media around. However, we will invite the media and our friends to the reception in Mumbai. I always wanted a fairy tale wedding and wanted to get married in a palace, and I am glad that this dream will come true. It is a privilege and an honour that Raj Kumar Uday Singh said that they would love to host the wedding at the palace. It is a beautiful heritage palace that has stood since the time of the British rule. 

How many days off will you be taking? 

I will be taking ten days off, which includes travelling. It is not enough. It will be hectic, as travelling to and from Shimla will take three days, and then we have the wedding functions for five days. Later, there will be a reception in Ludhiana, Punjab, followed by one in Mumbai.