Money never influenced Siddharth Arora's choice..

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Mumbai, July 31 -- TV actor Siddharth Arora, who feels that he has been lucky with the kind of roles that have been offered to him, says that he is driven purely by his love for acting, and not money.

"I'm not here to make money; I am here to follow my passion. I used to be a banker by profession, but I am here by choice. I always wanted to play versatile characters," says Siddharth, who plays the modern day lord Krishna on a daily show.

"If somebody offers me a lot of money, but gives me a role that I am not excited about, I won't do it," he says.

However, he adds, "I am a financial adviser and I will not let myself run out of finances." The 27-year-old made his acting debut with the 2011 show, Mukti Bandhan, and went on to do shows like Na Bole Tum Na Maine Kuch Kaha 2 and Doli Armano Ki.

But Siddharth doesn't want to restrict his work only to television. "I have done theatre in the past. I try and attend theatre workshops whenever I get the time. I also want to be part of good films," says Siddharth, who feels that films will give him a bigger platform to showcase his talent.

"TV is big, but films are bigger, and if I need to grow in my career then films are the next thing. I don't want to only play the lead role. I am open to playing a character with grey shades, where my role has some potential," adds the actor.