Manasi Salvi: Today's generation of actors are cool and mature..

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Mumbai, Nov. 6 -- With shows such as Kohi Apna Sa and Saarrthi to her credit, Manasi Salvi feels lucky to have done a variety of roles and survived in the industry for 25 years. 
She says, "I have come a long way. The industry has been kind enough to have given me good work. I remember shooting for my debut show Aashirwad. It was like school. I learnt to be on time, deliver a scene in two retakes at max and learn my lines well. That discipline helped me over the years. Today, I don't carry any baggage. On each set, I feel like a newcomer and try to learn whatever possible." 
Other than TV shows, the actor has been part of Marathi films and done numerous ads too.
Starting with Pyaar Ka Dard Hai Meetha Meetha Pyaara Pyaara where Manasi's portrayal of a modern mum was appreciated, she now seems to be the go-to actor for such roles. 
She played a modern, stylised mum in Doli Armaano Ki and Ek Aastha Aisi Bhee. How does the actor feel about that? 
She says, "These days, most mums are well maintained and if they are seen with their teenage kids, people wouldn't know that they are related. I don't have any qualms about playing a mother. It keeps me on my toes because I work harder on my body and look fitter and keep in mind that I have to look stylish too. I was chubby when I was acting in Kohi Apna Sa. It took 20 years for me to lose the fat (laughs)." 
She is glad to have inspired women of her age group by looking fashionable and even doles out fitness tips for them.
Though she replaced actor Ridhi Dogra in an ongoing show recently, Manasi doesn't think she "replaced someone". 
She says, "The character is ageing, so I am not actually replacing her. The role will have my own take. I love the show as it is stylised and urban. Ridhi was gracious and met me when I did the look test. It's cool (between us). I feel today's generation of actors are cool and mature and deal with work in a similar fashion. There is acceptance. Today, if an actor wants to quit a television show, it doesn't have to be about anger or other issues but the fact that they clearly know what they want."