Madhurima Tulli's fitness mantra!

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Mumbai, Feb. 19 -- Madhurima Tulli ensures that she sticks to her fitness regime despite 28 days of shoot per month for her TV serial. 
The actor who stars in a costume-fantasy drama knows she has to be in the best shape possible to look flawless on camera. 
"Fitness is important for me as an actor as I shoot 12 hours a day. If I don't work out, I won't have the energy or stamina to perform on set. With the kind of outfits we wear on the show - midriff and shoulder revealing - one can't take fitness lightly. I can't have a bulge on my stomach, it would look bad." 
Not just due to work, but Madhurima feels that working out gives her mental boost and relieves stress.
While she doesn't get much time daily for workouts, she does yoga thrice a week and jogs when she can. "I love running as it clears your head. I don't prefer working out in the gym, as it doesn't suit me. I enjoy yoga, dancing or jogging instead. My metabolism rate is high, so it has been relatively easy to stay fit. I also take care of my diet," says the Naam Shabana (2017) actor.
The actor, who has been working in her on-going TV show for six months now, is happy with the response for her show. 
"People are enjoying the show and it has earned good ratings, which is heartening," says Madhurima, who is hopeful that her show being pushed to an early evening time slot will affect the ratings positively.