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Kids rule TV!

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You know how, as kids, you always had that friend who said he wanted to grow up and be an actor or be on TV?

Well, it seems, if your friend was young now, he need not really have waited. While child actors have always been around, both in film and on TV, now, more than ever, we’ve seen a
surge of kids doing everything from dancing to singing to cooking to showing off their acting chops. Everyone loves kids, of course, because they never really cease to amaze.

Now, with kids’ popularity refusing to die down, it seems producers are looking to make the most of the trend. As a result, there is a resurgence in the number of kids acting as TV show hosts. Of course, they bring their cute, charming smiles and their antics to this role as well. It adds something different to the mix, even though, most times, the kids are cleverly used only as co-hosts, along with a more senior, co-host.

The trend began with Saloni Daini, who wowed everyone with her Gangubai act in Chote Miyan, and later hosted season 2 of the same show. As the trend caught on, Dhairya Sonecha and Afsha Musani hosted Sa Re Ga Ma Pa L’il Champs.

Soon, other reality shows were doing it too. Multiple seasons of Dance India Dance (DID) and its spin-offs had kids co-hosting with Jay Bhanushali, Manish Paul and Rithvik Dhanjani. Nihar Gite and Shreya Acharya are most recent addition to the list of kids whose antics have won them several fans.

Now, we will see Rakshit Wahi join Sargun Mehta to host the upcoming season of Boogie Woogie. Of course, there are basic financial calculations as well. A kid host comes cheaper than a regular, adult TV personality. Besides, the audience is always willing to invest more in a kid than in an oft-seen grow-up TV personality. It’s fresh for now, but will this too become a hackneyed formula? Only time will tell.