Karan Wahi: My definition of bold might not be yours

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Mumbai, Jan. 3 -- It looks like the New Year is starting off well for Karan Wahi - the actor is awaiting the release of his next Hindi film in which he has a lead role, and he has a new TV show to look forward to as well. 
Speaking about films, Karan says that he doesn't want to restrict himself to one genre. "I have been instinctive in my life, and of course, certain things have worked while others haven't. If I choose one genre, then I am curtailing myself from others. I don't mind doing anything that makes me happy, because 10 or 20 years from now, I'll at least have done a lot of different things in my career. Maybe then there will come a time when people will tell me that they have loved my work. I think that only happens when you diversify yourself," he says.
However, Karan says it's hard to not be typecast as an actor. "I would love to do a romantic or an action film. But usually what happens with people like me who have a decent body is that, unfortunately, everything centres on showcasing the body. People talk about the look, the body and the dance steps, but they rarely talk about the acting. That may be because you are being portrayed in a certain way, and that is what the people see. "
Karan's last movie outing was in the 2014 film, Daawate-Ishq, in which he had an important role, and his second feature film, Babbu Ki Jawaani, is still awaiting a release date. Unlike these two films, which revolved around romance and comedy, the actor's upcoming movie is an erotic thriller where he had to do some bold scenes. How did he feel about those scenes in the film? 
Karan says, "My definition of bold might not be yours. I have realised that I am comfortable with anything and everything on television or any medium, because, if I believe in a scene, then I am okay with doing it. That should be the way, as actors are supposed to portray someone else's emotions, not their own. Today, kissing is normal, especially in films, and even in TV shows, and that wasn't the case five years ago. So, maybe ten years from now, the definition of what is bold might change."