Karan Patel: I have no qualms apologizing..

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Mumbai, Jan. 10 -- Not a person who minces words, Karan Patel calls a spade a spade. The outspoken actor, who is riding high on the success of his ongoing TV show, is unapologetic about expressing himself on social media or otherwise.

However, he has no qualms about saying sorry in case he hurts anyone.

You seem to have a brash and brazen image.

I don't go by or change my attitude based on what people say. At the end of the day, they too are judging me from their perspective. I would rather be myself and let people accept me for what I am than be somebody who I am not, just because I want people's approval.

You are quite expressive on the social media and have even ranted at times about issues...

I express myself the way I want. Sometimes, I know I do put up posts that might be insensitive but I am not someone who deletes a post. If my posts end up hurting people, I don't have any qualms apologising and I have done that in the past. I am being myself. Just because I am a celebrity, doesn't mean I can't say sorry.

Do you enjoy interacting with your fans on social media?

Yes. I try to reply to most tweets as it is practically impossible to reply to all of them. Once in a while I do put up a video or a thank you tweet for my fans. I think our interaction cements our bond. Getting so much love from them makes me feel blessed.

You have worked hard for a fitter body. What inspired you?

It has been six months since I started working out in the gym and the results are amazing. It feels good and when you feel good about yourself, everything feels good. My wife Ankita (Bhargava; actor) is happy. She loves my new addiction for the gym. In fact, she has no complaints about her husband coming home late. I work out after pack up and end up reaching home late at night.

How much have you changed post your marriage?

I have begun to take life a little more seriously. Now, I have someone else whose life depends on me, albeit emotionally. Things that happen in your life will affect your partner as well. You can tell your friends and family, 'let me be, it's my life' but you can't tell your wife that.