Karan Kundrra: I don't compete with the world..

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Mumbai, Sept. 18 -- Actor Karan Kundrra started his career in the television industry in 2009 and after completing eight years in showbiz, the actor feels survival in the industry is tough.
Being part of four TV soaps and nine reality shows, Karan, best known for his role in the serial Kitani Mohabbat Hai (2009) says, "It has been comfortable for me. I am not someone who competes with the entire world and gets harrowed. I compete with myself and work towards making each year better. I have come up with a different idea of how to survive in this industry which is one should have fun."
The actor, who is an extensive traveller, plans to visit exotic locations this year too to take a break from work. 
"This year, I'll be going to Sri Lanka, Africa and Australia. This may be not considered as a big deal for others, but for me, it's a huge high. I have worked hard on my movies and TV shows and my definition of success is being happy and spending time with my family. My achievement index is a bit different," says the actor.
Karan has also been part of six movies with his latest being Mubarakan, where he played the role of actor Athiya Shetty's brother. The actor says he wanted to explore the medium and find out "what happens when you are part of a big commercial film".
Karan enjoys being part of reality shows with unusual concepts and has shot for a digital reality show recently. He says, "I've been part of many adventures while working on shows, but for this one, we worked for our survival."
The 32-year-old actor, who travelled to some of the northeastern states of India for the show, says, "It is the most beautiful place I've seen. The locations have raw beauty which is untouched. People there were nicer than usually seen in most of the commercial tourist places in India. They were helpful and there is a barter system to get things done, which was fun too."