Kanchi Singh wants to get into Bollywood, too!

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New Delhi, Jan. 6 -- Kanchi Singh, like any other TV actor, harbours Bollywood dreams. She says, "I love working on television, but the reason why anyone comes into acting is that they want to get into Bollywood. I, too, will get in the film industry whenever I am destined. I am just 21, and therefore not in a hurry. I know that my time will come, and I will hopefully get a chance." 
She also insists that TV has given her the confidence to dream big. "The audience, my fans, have gotten me this far. TV today is huge. People watch us every day, so naturally, our audience base is bigger than films." 
Like many actors, Kanchi too, of late, has been obsessed with fitness."I went to Taiwan for a fitness-themed event and learned a lot of things. Once I came back, I joined the gym, and been a gym freak ever since."