Jaswir Kaur is a true blue shopaholic

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New Delhi, Aug. 14 -- TV actor Jaswir Kaur says that shopping with her can be quite a task for anyone, as once she sees something interesting, no one can stop her from buying it.

"One has to be careful when walking with me while shopping because the moment I see something I want, I just have to buy it," says Jaswir, who recently went to Dubai for a vacation.

"I love shopping and I don't stop till the time either the shop doesn't close for the day or I'm not thrown out of the mall. I think shopping relaxes me and it works in my favour all the time," she adds.

The actor, who has done TV shows such as Hitler Didi, Jay-Veeru and Adaalat and is currently seen in a daily show as Guddy, loves buying fancy footwear.

"I recently went to Dubai and bought many pairs of different footwear. I already have lots of heels, so I bought two shoes and some trendy slippers. Buying new footwear takes my happiness quotient to another level."