Jasmin shares why people say she resembles Katrina!

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New Delhi, Nov. 22 -- Many television actors voice their discontent over getting typecast on the small screen. But Jasmin Bhasin is one of the few actors who escaped being stereotyped. 
The actor, who is currently doing her second show, says that she is lucky that though she is new to the industry, she has always been offered varied roles. 
"On television, you keep on getting the same kind of roles, and your career comes to an end. But, by the grace of God, I was [earlier] playing the role of Twinkle, who was a Punjabi, and is totally different from my current character, Teni, who is a bar dancer. She is moneyminded and is a Gujarati. I have got a lot of appreciation and recognition for this role. Also, what has worked in my favour is that people look at me as an actor who can play different roles," she says, adding that she had recently got another interesting offer, but right now she wants to concentrate on her ongoing show. 
Jasmin, who has done South Indian films, is open to doing Hindi films. Interestingly, she says that people often compare her with Bollywood star Katrina Kaif, in terms of looks. 
She says, "A lot of people [during auditions, and fans] say that I look like Katrina when I blush. And I blush even more when I get this compliment. She is a gorgeous girl, is successful and a wonderful actor. It's the best compliment for me!"