Jasmin Bhasin: I grew up with many inhibitions..

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New Delhi, Jan. 13 -- Recently actor Jasmin Bhasin did a photo shoot, where she shed her usual girl-next-door image and posed like a diva. 
However, the 27-year-old says that before acting happened, she had a lot of insecurities. "I did not do this photo shoot for any image change. It was just an experiment that I wanted to do with my body. I've grown up with a lot of inhibitions and with notions that I'm ugly, dark, skinny. Now, I'm at a stage of life, where I want to accept myself the way I am," says Jasmin. 
The actor, who has been part of shows such as Tashan - E - Ishq and has also done Tamil films such as Vaanam (2011) and Jil Jung Juk (2016), reveals that earlier she used to seek validation from others. 
She says, "When you feel that you are incomplete, you tend to seek approval. I've been in that phase too, where I didn't think highly of myself. But, now, with time, I've realised the importance of loving oneself." 
Of late, television actors such as Tinaa Dattaa and Aashish Sharma went for outof- the box photo shoots that were a visual treat for their fans. 
Ask if this is a new trend among TV stars, and Jasmin says, "It's not the question of why TV actors go for a bold photoshoot. I guess all actors - whether Bollywood or TV - don't mind looking bold in a photo shoot. It's totally their personal call on how comfortable they feel and how ready they are. The point is that only female TV actors are questioned about it. If I was a Bollywood actor, this question wouldn't be asked. We get stereotyped in the roles we play in TV serials. So, people don't expect such photo shoots from us."