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I've never gone to a theatre to see my films: Ram Kapoor

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Ram Kapoor has successfully dabbled in both mediums — television and cinema. Before beginning his career, the actor studied method acting in the USA.

He feels being trained only helps an actor find a base. “There are a lot of myths that surround method acting. Yes, there is a method that actors follow, but that method includes spontaneity too. It is not two different things,” says Ram.

He believes studying method acting provides an actor the confidence to take on varied and complex characters.

He adds, “It gives me the confidence to accept any challenge that comes my way, even if it is as outrageous as Humshakals (2014). However, it is not always about the method.”

As an actor, it is important for him to find the right projects, which are “appealing and satisfying”, shares Ram. As for his criteria of signing a project, he gives more weightage to the script, followed by the people associated with the project.

“When I am working with a good banner, everything becomes a lot easier. All the people in various departments are efficient and know what they do. Hence, the process becomes fun. Even if you are a part of a phenomenal film, but it has newcomers or people who are not established, you have your teething problems,” says the Udaan (2010) actor.

Ask Ram if he likes to watch himself on screen, and he refuses, “I don’t like seeing my own work. The only film I have seen of mine was Udaan.”

He adds, “If there are cast and crew screenings, and I am not shooting, then I definitely see it. After you have worked on a project, it is fun to meet up with the team again. Otherwise, I have never gone to a theatre to see any of my films. I believe once you have done the work, it is for others to watch, and you need to concentrate on the next project.”

The actor was last seen in Baar Baar Dekho, co-starring Sidharth Malhotra and Katrina Kaif.